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St. Gregory

115 Pine St., Zelienople, PA 16063  (Google map)



Web Site:

Erin Harris, 724-452-9731 (w),

Athletic Director:
Chris McClellan, 412-370-8635 (c),

Director of Cross Country:
Mark Harmanos,

Basketball of Director:
Nate Torboli, 724-263-2250 (c),,

Director of Cheer:
Miranda Sparacino,

Director of Volleyball:
Jessica Dunn, 724-987-3879 (c),

COVID-19 Player/Coach/Spectator Policy

Dear Visiting Coaches,

For all Athletic Directors, Basketball Directors, Volleyball Directors & visiting coaches.  This is our condensed version of our Covid policy.  St. Gregory will be following this for all basketball & Volleyball games (3rd grade to 8th).
GOAL:  Our goal is to be able to keep our players and families safe and to comply with all rules and regulations to be able to play a full basketball & Volleyball season. We appreciate your help in making this happen.  Please read below and share with your players and parents.

  1. Masks are not required "when a child/student is participating in a sports practice activity or event while in the Gym.
  2. All coaches must wear a mask at all times.  NO Exception.
  3. Masks must be worn before, after, and whenever not personally, actively participating on the gym floor.   If the player is on the bench, they must have a mask.
  4. Medical exceptions require documentation from a treating physician or psychologist detailing the reason for the exemption.  This needs to be verified with the school principal.
  5. Individuals should follow the most current guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on mask use outdoors.  Social distancing of 3-6 feet is best practice.
  6. Besides our own student-athletes, please do not police mask wearing with anything but a gentle reminder made by the local school representative.  Referees/Officials are not responsible for the masking policy.
  7.  More can be required, by local decision only, but not less – please contact me if you have concerns about an opposing team.
MASKS:   All persons ENTERING our buildings will be required to wear masks at all times per Diocesan directives.  This includes the players.  If a player can’t use a mask while on the bench at all times, please have them stay home.  
No Neck Gaiters are to be worn by players.

SPECTATORS – No limitations at this time.

ADMISSION:   Spectators will be checked in with their Team names and players. We will be charging admission of $3/per person. Coaches, players and scorekeeper excluded.   Please try to bring exact change.

CONCESSION STAND:   St. Gregory will be operating with a concession stand.

Any questions, please send my way.  Please email me at

Thank you,
Athletic Director

Varsity WolvesTeam Calendar

Section 1

Head Coach:
Paul Horton, 814-935-8111 (h), 814-935-8111 (c),,

Assistant Coach:
Brian Gibbons,

Home Gym:
St. Gregory, Gym Phone: 724-452-9731
Address: 115 Pine St, Zelienople, PA 16063  (Google map)

St. Gregory Varsity Wolves match Schedule

Orange rows indicate unscheduled matchs, which have a date of '1900/01/01'. A start time of TBD (to be determined) means the start time is unknown - contact the home team for the correct start time. Gray rows indicate past matchs. Blue rows indicate today's matchs. White rows indicate future matchs. Hold your cursor over the 'Team' and 'Played At' names to highlight links.

DateDayStart TimeTeamsPlayed AtTypeScore (V-H)
2022/03/21Mon7:00 PMDivine Mercy Academy Blue 2nd @ St. Gregory WolvesSt. GregorySectionW-0-2
2022/03/21Mon7:45 PMMother of Mercy Academy @ St. Gregory WolvesSt. GregorySectionW-0-2
2022/03/29Tue6:30 PMSt. Gregory Wolves @ Archangel Gabriel BlueArchangel GabrielSectionW-2-0
2022/03/30Wed7:15 PMSt. Gregory Wolves @ St. Kilian GREENSt. KilianSectionW-2-0
2022/04/03Sun2:45 PMSt. Gregory Wolves @ St. Louise de Marillac WhiteSt. Louise de MarillacSectionL-1-2
2022/04/12Tue7:00 PMSacred Heart Crusaders @ St. Gregory WolvesSt. GregorySectionW-0-2
2022/04/20Wed6:45 PMAve Maria Academy White @ St. Gregory WolvesSt. GregorySectionW-0-2
2022/04/22Fri8:00 PMSt. Gregory Wolves @ St. Therese (Munhall) RedSt. Therese (Munhall)SectionW-2-0
2022/04/26Tue7:45 PMSt. Therese (Munhall) White @ St. Gregory WolvesSt. GregorySectionW-0-1
2022/04/26Tue7:00 PMArchangel Gabriel White @ St. Gregory WolvesSt. GregorySectionW-0-1
2022/04/27Wed6:30 PMSt. Gregory Wolves @ Blessed Francis Seelos Academy BlueSeelos Academy Ryan CenterSectionL-0-2
2022/05/03Tue6:30 PMSt. Gregory Wolves @ St. Kilian WHITESt. KilianSectionL-1-2
2022/05/04Wed7:15 PMSt. Gregory Wolves @ Divine Mercy Academy SabersDivine Mercy AcademySectionW-2-0
2022/05/08Sun1:45 PMSt. Gregory Wolves @ Ave Maria Academy BlueAve Maria AcademySectionW-2-1
2022/05/11Wed6:30 PMProvidence Heights Alpha @ St. Gregory WolvesSt. GregorySectionW-0-2
2022/05/11Wed7:15 PMSt. Louise de Marillac Green @ St. Gregory WolvesSt. GregorySectionL-2-0

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