Diocese of Pittsburgh Girls Basketball 2018-2019 Season - Section South 1B

South 1B


Rich Unger
412-833-9477 (h)
412-443-5601 (c)
412-386-5081 (w)

Varsity (7 teams)

TeamSection Overall
WinsLossesPctAve. PF/PAWinsLossesPctAve. PF/PA
St. Bernard Chargers000.0000.0/0.0000.0000.0/0.0
Our Lady of Grace Tigers000.0000.0/0.0000.0000.0/0.0
St. Sylvester Lancers000.0000.0/0.0000.0000.0/0.0
St. Anne Cyclones000.0000.0/0.0000.0000.0/0.0
St. Malachy Lady Bombers000.0000.0/0.0000.0000.0/0.0
St. Elizabeth Lancers000.0000.0/0.0000.0000.0/0.0
Madonna Regional Mustangs000.0000.0/0.0000.0000.0/0.0

JV  (8 teams)

TeamSection Overall
WinsLossesPctAve. PF/PAWinsLossesPctAve. PF/PA
St. Thomas More Tigers 2nd *000.0000.0/0.0000.0000.0/0.0
St. Bernard Chargers000.0000.0/0.0000.0000.0/0.0
Our Lady of Grace Tigers000.0000.0/0.0000.0000.0/0.0
John F. Kennedy Comets000.0000.0/0.0000.0000.0/0.0
St. Anne Cyclones000.0000.0/0.0000.0000.0/0.0
St. Elizabeth Lancers000.0000.0/0.0000.0000.0/0.0
St. Malachy Blue Bombers000.0000.0/0.0000.0000.0/0.0
St. John Bosco Academy000.0000.0/0.0000.0000.0/0.0
* Exibition only

Section Schedule

Export for Arbitor

Orange rows indicate unscheduled games, which have a date of '1900/01/01'. A start time of TBD (to be determined) means the start time is unknown - contact the home team for the correct start time. Gray rows indicate past games. Blue rows indicate today's games. White rows indicate future games. Hold your cursor over the 'Team' and 'Played At' names to highlight links.

DateDayStart TimeLevelTeamsPlayed AtTypeScore (V-H)StatusUpdated
1900/01/01Mon7:00 PMJVSt. Bernard Chargers @ St. John BoscoSt. John BoscoSectionUnSchd1/31/2019 7:56:56 AM
1900/01/01Mon5:30 PMJVOLG Tigers @ St. Thomas More 2ndSt. Thomas MoreSectionUnSchd1/29/2019 12:20:52 PM
2018/12/01Sat6:30 PMJVSt. Thomas More 2nd @ St. John BoscoSt. John BoscoSection14-9Past12/2/2018 4:32:52 AM
2018/12/01Sat4:00 PMJVSt. Elizabeth Lancers @ St. Bernard ChargersSts. Simon and JudeSection19-16Past12/3/2018 4:44:30 AM
2018/12/01Sat5:15 PMVarsitySt. Elizabeth Lancers @ St. Bernard ChargersSts. Simon and JudeSection26-24Past12/1/2018 3:55:51 PM
2018/12/01Sat4:00 PMVarsitySt. Sylvester Lancers @ Madonna Regional MustangsMonessen Civic CenterSection40-22Past12/2/2018 4:33:34 PM
2018/12/02Sun5:15 PMJVSt. Anne Cyclones @ St. Thomas More 2ndSt. Thomas MoreSection36-4Past12/4/2018 4:50:23 AM
2018/12/03Mon6:30 PMJVSt. Bernard Chargers @ JFK CometsJFKSection13-35Past12/4/2018 3:58:25 AM
2018/12/06Thu7:45 PMVarsitySt. Elizabeth Lancers @ St. Sylvester LancersSt. SylvesterSection26-47Past12/7/2018 3:55:02 AM
2018/12/07Fri7:45 PMVarsityOLG Tigers @ St. Malachy Lady BombersSt. MalachySection19-11Past12/8/2018 8:59:11 AM
2018/12/07Fri6:30 PMJVOLG Tigers @ St. Malachy Blue BombersSt. MalachySection19-9Past12/8/2018 9:16:18 AM
2018/12/08Sat6:30 PMJVSt. John Bosco @ JFK CometsJFKSection2-46Past12/9/2018 5:31:14 PM
2018/12/08Sat5:15 PMVarsitySt. Malachy Lady Bombers @ St. Bernard ChargersSts. Simon and JudeSection23-35Past12/10/2018 9:25:42 AM
2018/12/08Sat4:00 PMJVSt. Malachy Blue Bombers @ St. Bernard ChargersSts. Simon and JudeSection23-15Past12/9/2018 4:29:06 AM
2018/12/08Sat12:45 PMVarsitySt. Anne Cyclones @ St. Sylvester LancersSt. SylvesterSection17-48Past12/9/2018 4:32:45 AM
2018/12/08Sat6:00 PMVarsityOLG Tigers @ Madonna Regional MustangsMonessen Civic CenterSection39-14Past12/9/2018 7:15:31 AM
2018/12/09Sun2:45 PMVarsityMadonna Regional Mustangs @ St. Bernard ChargersOLGSection14-31Past12/10/2018 9:26:07 AM
2018/12/09Sun5:30 PMJVSt. Elizabeth Lancers @ St. Thomas More 2ndSt. Thomas MoreSection14-9Past12/10/2018 9:22:55 AM
2018/12/11Tue7:45 PMVarsitySt. Elizabeth Lancers @ St. Anne CyclonesSt. AnneSection28-17Past12/12/2018 4:03:11 AM
2018/12/11Tue6:30 PMJVSt. Elizabeth Lancers @ St. Anne CyclonesSt. AnneSection12-42Past12/12/2018 11:53:20 AM
2018/12/14Fri7:45 PMVarsitySt. Anne Cyclones @ St. Malachy Lady BombersSt. MalachySection37-33Past12/17/2018 5:47:39 AM
2018/12/14Fri6:30 PMJVSt. Anne Cyclones @ St. Malachy Blue BombersSt. MalachySection53-19Past12/15/2018 7:43:54 AM
2018/12/14Fri6:30 PMJVJFK Comets @ St. Elizabeth LancersSt. ElizabethSection33-12Past12/15/2018 7:40:57 AM
2018/12/15Sat3:00 PMJVSt. Thomas More 2nd @ JFK CometsJFKSection3-33Past12/16/2018 5:42:14 AM
2018/12/15Sat6:30 PMJVSt. Malachy Blue Bombers @ St. John BoscoSt. John BoscoSection16-11Past12/16/2018 5:39:12 AM
2018/12/15Sat3:30 PMVarsitySt. Elizabeth Lancers @ OLG TigersOLGSection28-25Past12/17/2018 4:42:36 AM
2018/12/15Sat2:15 PMJVSt. Elizabeth Lancers @ OLG TigersOLGSection18-31Past12/16/2018 5:44:20 AM
2018/12/15Sat12:45 PMVarsityMadonna Regional Mustangs @ St. Sylvester LancersSt. SylvesterSection21-42Past12/16/2018 5:43:22 AM
2018/12/16Sun5:45 PMJVSt. Anne Cyclones @ St. John BoscoSt. John BoscoSection48-10Past12/17/2018 4:43:07 AM
2018/12/20Thu8:30 PMVarsitySt. Bernard Chargers @ OLG TigersOLGSection14-21Past12/22/2018 3:29:40 AM
2018/12/20Thu7:15 PMJVSt. Bernard Chargers @ OLG TigersOLGSection7-38Past12/21/2018 3:57:52 AM
2018/12/21Fri7:45 PMVarsitySt. Sylvester Lancers @ St. Malachy Lady BombersSt. MalachySection46-13Past12/28/2018 2:52:42 PM
2018/12/21Fri6:30 PMJVJFK Comets @ St. Malachy Blue BombersSt. MalachySection26-4Past12/22/2018 12:59:11 PM
2018/12/21Fri7:00 PMVarsitySt. Elizabeth Lancers @ Madonna Regional MustangsMonessen Civic CenterSection26-14Past12/22/2018 3:25:05 AM
2018/12/22Sat6:30 PMJVSt. Elizabeth Lancers @ St. John BoscoSt. John BoscoSection21-16Past12/26/2018 4:19:06 PM
2018/12/22Sat3:00 PMVarsitySt. Sylvester Lancers @ St. Bernard ChargersOLGSection43-11Past12/28/2018 2:52:14 PM
2018/12/22Sat1:45 PMJVJFK Comets @ St. Bernard ChargersOLGSection31-12Past12/23/2018 8:19:14 AM
2018/12/22Sat11:00 AMJVOLG Tigers @ St. Anne CyclonesSt. AnneSection18-30Past12/28/2018 7:51:48 AM
2018/12/22Sat12:15 PMVarsityOLG Tigers @ St. Anne CyclonesSt. AnneSection31-26Past12/23/2018 3:54:40 AM
2018/12/29Sat12:45 PMVarsitySt. Malachy Lady Bombers @ St. Sylvester LancersSt. SylvesterSection20-48Past12/29/2018 2:38:53 PM
2019/01/03Thu8:30 PMVarsitySt. Anne Cyclones @ OLG TigersOLGSection15-29Past1/4/2019 9:56:24 AM
2019/01/03Thu7:15 PMJVSt. Anne Cyclones @ OLG TigersOLGSection26-16Past1/4/2019 8:01:07 AM
2019/01/04Fri7:45 PMVarsitySt. Elizabeth Lancers @ St. Malachy Lady BombersSt. MalachySection32-33Past1/5/2019 5:03:21 AM
2019/01/04Fri6:30 PMJVSt. Elizabeth Lancers @ St. Malachy Blue BombersSt. MalachySection26-7Past1/5/2019 2:37:34 PM
2019/01/05Sat2:15 PMJVSt. Malachy Blue Bombers @ OLG TigersOLGSection3-29Past1/7/2019 4:23:06 AM
2019/01/05Sat3:30 PMVarsitySt. Malachy Lady Bombers @ OLG TigersOLGSection14-22Past1/6/2019 4:30:14 AM
2019/01/05Sat12:45 PMVarsitySt. Bernard Chargers @ St. Sylvester LancersSt. SylvesterSection26-57Past1/5/2019 2:34:25 PM
2019/01/05Sat11:00 AMJVSt. Thomas More 2nd @ St. Anne CyclonesSt. AnneSection17-33Past11/5/2018 9:06:08 PM
2019/01/06Sun5:30 PMJVSt. John Bosco @ St. Thomas More 2ndSt. Thomas MoreSection6-4Past1/23/2019 7:56:48 AM
2019/01/08Tue7:00 PMVarsityMadonna Regional Mustangs @ St. Malachy Lady BombersSt. MalachySection17-28Past1/9/2019 3:58:02 AM
2019/01/11Fri7:45 PMVarsitySt. Bernard Chargers @ St. Malachy Lady BombersSt. MalachySection33-22Past1/12/2019 4:06:12 AM
2019/01/11Fri6:30 PMJVSt. Bernard Chargers @ St. Malachy Blue BombersSt. MalachySection15-16Past1/12/2019 3:59:36 AM
2019/01/11Fri6:30 PMJVSt. Thomas More 2nd @ St. Elizabeth LancersSt. ElizabethSection12-17Past1/23/2019 7:57:10 AM
2019/01/11Fri7:45 PMVarsitySt. Sylvester Lancers @ St. Elizabeth LancersSt. ElizabethSection45-19Past1/17/2019 4:29:56 PM
2019/01/12Sat4:00 PMJVOLG Tigers @ St. Bernard ChargersSts. Simon and JudeSection17-7Past1/17/2019 5:52:29 AM
2019/01/12Sat5:15 PMVarsityOLG Tigers @ St. Bernard ChargersSts. Simon and JudeSection19-24Past1/15/2019 8:37:59 AM
2019/01/12Sat6:00 PMVarsitySt. Malachy Lady Bombers @ Madonna Regional MustangsMonessen Civic CenterSection30-19Past1/13/2019 1:11:52 PM
2019/01/13Sun5:45 PMJVOLG Tigers @ St. John BoscoSt. John BoscoSection33-3Past1/17/2019 5:52:42 AM
2019/01/13Sun5:30 PMJVJFK Comets @ St. Thomas More 2ndSt. Thomas MoreSection31-4Past1/15/2019 5:44:04 AM
2019/01/14Mon6:30 PMJVSt. Anne Cyclones @ JFK CometsJFKSection21-40Past1/15/2019 5:43:40 AM
2019/01/16Wed7:45 PMVarsityMadonna Regional Mustangs @ St. Anne CyclonesSt. AnneSection11-42Past1/17/2019 4:30:33 PM
2019/01/17Thu7:15 PMJVJFK Comets @ OLG TigersOLGSection35-7Past1/18/2019 4:04:14 PM
2019/01/18Fri6:30 PMJVSt. John Bosco @ St. Malachy Blue BombersSt. MalachySection8-19Past1/19/2019 4:08:15 AM
2019/01/19Sat2:15 PMJVSt. Thomas More 2nd @ OLG TigersOLGSection4-37Past1/23/2019 7:57:29 AM
2019/01/19Sat3:30 PMVarsitySt. Sylvester Lancers @ OLG TigersOLGSection33-23Past1/21/2019 10:48:14 AM
2019/01/19Sat12:15 PMVarsitySt. Malachy Lady Bombers @ St. Anne CyclonesSt. AnneSection24-36Past1/24/2019 4:35:59 AM
2019/01/19Sat11:00 AMJVSt. Malachy Blue Bombers @ St. Anne CyclonesSt. AnneSection7-42Past11/5/2018 9:18:16 PM
2019/01/20Sun6:30 PMJVSt. Bernard Chargers @ St. Thomas More 2ndSt. Thomas MoreSection6-20Past1/23/2019 8:59:25 AM
2019/01/22Tue7:00 PMVarsitySt. Anne Cyclones @ Madonna Regional MustangsMonessen Civic CenterSection25-24Past1/23/2019 4:21:05 AM
2019/01/23Wed7:45 PMVarsitySt. Bernard Chargers @ St. Anne CyclonesSt. AnneSection49-39Past1/24/2019 4:35:36 AM
2019/01/23Wed6:30 PMJVSt. Bernard Chargers @ St. Anne CyclonesSt. AnneSection2-42Past1/23/2019 5:09:16 PM
2019/01/25Fri6:30 PMJVOLG Tigers @ St. Elizabeth LancersSt. ElizabethSection23-11Past1/27/2019 5:20:25 AM
2019/01/25Fri7:45 PMVarsityOLG Tigers @ St. Elizabeth LancersSt. ElizabethSection25-31Past1/26/2019 5:11:41 PM
2019/01/26Sat3:00 PMJVSt. Elizabeth Lancers @ JFK CometsJFKSection12-35Past1/27/2019 5:18:03 PM
2019/01/26Sat2:15 PMJVSt. John Bosco @ OLG TigersOLGSection10-43Past1/27/2019 5:19:50 AM
2019/01/26Sat12:15 PMVarsitySt. Sylvester Lancers @ St. Anne CyclonesSt. AnneSection46-33Past2/6/2019 4:52:28 AM
2019/01/26Sat6:00 PMVarsitySt. Bernard Chargers @ Madonna Regional MustangsMonessen Civic CenterSection41-24Past1/27/2019 5:24:57 PM
2019/01/27Sun3:30 PMJVSt. John Bosco @ St. Elizabeth LancersSt. ElizabethSection8-17Past2/8/2019 8:56:32 AM
2019/02/01Fri6:30 PMJVSt. Thomas More 2nd @ St. Malachy Blue BombersSt. MalachySection13-14Past2/2/2019 5:12:21 AM
2019/02/02Sat3:00 PMJVSt. Malachy Blue Bombers @ JFK CometsJFKSection3-30Past2/3/2019 4:33:39 AM
2019/02/02Sat4:00 PMJVSt. John Bosco @ St. Bernard ChargersSts. Simon and JudeSection18-22Past2/8/2019 5:08:33 AM
2019/02/03Sun1:00 PMJVSt. Malachy Blue Bombers @ St. Elizabeth LancersSt. ElizabethSection6-8Past2/5/2019 4:10:16 AM
2019/02/03Sun2:15 PMVarsitySt. Malachy Lady Bombers @ St. Elizabeth LancersSt. ElizabethSection28-36Past2/4/2019 4:03:44 AM
2019/02/04Mon7:45 PMVarsitySt. Anne Cyclones @ St. Elizabeth LancersSt. ElizabethSection28-38Past2/5/2019 6:06:15 AM
2019/02/04Mon6:30 PMJVSt. Anne Cyclones @ St. Elizabeth LancersSt. ElizabethSection1-0Past2/5/2019 6:07:07 AM
2019/02/05Tue8:00 PMVarsityOLG Tigers @ St. Sylvester LancersSt. SylvesterSection29-42Past2/6/2019 4:52:50 AM
2019/02/06Wed6:30 PMJVJFK Comets @ St. Anne CyclonesSt. AnneSection18-37Past2/7/2019 4:02:58 AM
2019/02/07Thu7:45 PMVarsityMadonna Regional Mustangs @ OLG TigersOLGSection6-33Past2/8/2019 4:07:22 AM
2019/02/08Fri7:45 PMVarsitySt. Bernard Chargers @ St. Elizabeth LancersSt. ElizabethSection46-33Past2/10/2019 4:47:51 AM
2019/02/08Fri6:30 PMJVSt. Bernard Chargers @ St. Elizabeth LancersSt. ElizabethSection10-22Past2/10/2019 4:48:19 AM
2019/02/09Sat6:30 PMJVOLG Tigers @ JFK CometsJFKSection11-19Past2/10/2019 5:58:07 PM
2019/02/09Sat4:00 PMJVSt. Thomas More 2nd @ St. Bernard ChargersSts. Simon and JudeSectionPast11/5/2018 9:40:45 PM
2019/02/09Sat7:00 PMVarsityMadonna Regional Mustangs @ St. Elizabeth LancersSt. ElizabethSection21-49Past2/10/2019 8:53:33 AM
2019/02/09Sat11:00 AMJVSt. John Bosco @ St. Anne CyclonesSt. AnneSection0-1Past2/10/2019 4:51:35 AM
2019/02/10Sun5:45 PMJVJFK Comets @ St. John BoscoSt. John BoscoSection1-0Past2/13/2019 5:03:11 AM
2019/02/10Sun2:45 PMVarsitySt. Anne Cyclones @ St. Bernard ChargersSts. Simon and JudeSection0-1Past2/10/2019 2:10:39 PM
2019/02/10Sun1:30 PMJVSt. Anne Cyclones @ St. Bernard ChargersSts. Simon and JudeSection1-0Past2/10/2019 2:10:56 PM
2019/02/10Sun5:30 PMJVSt. Malachy Blue Bombers @ St. Thomas More 2ndSt. Thomas MoreSectionPast12/4/2018 12:19:31 PM
2019/02/12Tue7:15 PMJVJFK Comets @ St. Anne CyclonesOLGSection30-26Past2/13/2019 5:02:48 AM

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