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St. James (Sewickley)

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St. James (Sewickley)

201 Broad St., Sewickley, PA 15143  (Google map)



Web Site:

Bradley Swiger, 412-741-5540 (w), bswiger@saintjames-sewickley.org

Athletic Director:
Josh DeNinno, 412-496-2344 (h), 412-496-2438 (c), joshied77@verizon.net

Basketball Coordinator:
Robert Cobourne, (724)251-4772 (h), (724)288-3343 (c), (724)251-4772 (w), robert.cobourne@comcast.net

Volleyball Coordinator:
Robert Cobourne, (724)251-4772 (h), (724)288-3343 (c), (724)251-4772 (w), robert.cobourne@comcast.net

Updated February 8, 2021
For all section coaches/ADs/Basketball Directors, this is to advise on procedures that Saint James Catholic School (St. James) will follow for our home basketball games.
Our goal is to be able to keep our players and families safe and to comply with all rules and regulations in order to be able have a season. We appreciate your help in making this happen.
Gym ProceduresWe will take temperatures of all persons prior to them entering the gym. Temperature must be 100.4 degrees or lower to allow entry. If you or your child are not feeling well, please do not enter the gym out of an abundance of caution. We plan to have the gym open 30 minutes before each game. Do not plan to arrive any earlier than that. However, if there is another game or practice prior to your game you will have wait outside until the gym has been emptied and sanitized. We will ask all teams/spectators to exit immediately after their game to allow for the next event to start promptly. Please have your children dressed in their game uniform. There will be no locker room access. Please have your children bring their own water bottles. Gym maximum capacity must be maintained at < 50 TOTAL PEOPLE, this includes all players, coaches, referees, volunteers and spectators.

When available,  we would like the scoreboard operator to be seated at the scorers table and scorekeepers to be seated on their sides bench.
Masks - All persons inside the gym will be required to wear masks at all times per State and Diocesan directives. We ask that coaches police and enforce proper mask wearing by their players. Referees will not be expected to enforce mask rules. If there are player exceptions to wearing masks as defined under Section 3 of Governor Wolfe's Updated Order Requiring Universal Face Coverings, please let the Coach of the team know when we call to confirm the game. Be prepared with proof of said exception either in the form of an athletic release form or doctor's note (this is the guidance that we received from the Diocesan Athletic Director). If masks are not worn by players, and there is no Section 3 exception for not wearing masks, St. James will not play the game and the visiting team will forfeit (per Diocesan Athletic
Director guidance).
Spectators - We will allow 1 person per player for opposing teams in addition to your rostered players, 2 coaches, and 1 scorekeeper. Socially distanced spectator seating is required. Again, gym capacity must be < 50 total people.  There will be a $3/spectator charge collected at the door,  please have exact change.
Live Streaming – St. James will NOT be live streaming our home games. Should a visiting team want to live stream the game please contact the St. James coach to discuss, we will make every effort to allow you to stream the game.
Concession Sales/Food – There will be no concessions.
Contact Information:
  • Boys JV – Cameron Altmar, 412-925-0382 and Frank Igrec, 412-760-1376
  • Boys Varsity – Cameron Altmar, 412-925-0382 and Frank Igrec, 412-760- 1376
  • Girls JV – Dan Tassone, 412-596-2081
  • Girls Varsity – Courtney Smetanka, 412-287-9475 and Kristen Simon, 412-287-9525
  • Athletic Director – Josh DeNinno, 412-496-2438
We look forward to a great season and need everyone's commitment and cooperation to make things run as smoothly as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the St. James basketball coaches directly.

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