2022-2023 Diocese Champions

St. Bede
Varsity Class B Champions

Sts. Peter and Paul
JV Class B Champions

Holy Cross
Varsity Class A Champions

Mother of Mercy Academy
JV Class A Champions


September 17, 2023 - Below is information that you will need for your school’s teams to take part in the Diocese of Pittsburgh Girls’ Basketball League for the 2023-2024 season. League Web Site:  http://www.2badcats.com/dopgbball/
Requirements for each school (4 steps):

1. Complete the Online Team Data Sheet
The data sheet form is at http://www.2badcats.com/dopgbball/teamdatasheet.aspx. Open the form, select your school, select a team, and verify your school’s data sheet information. If necessary, make any changes. Then submit the data sheet. Do this for each team at your school. We will use this information to enroll your school’s teams in the league.
IMPORTANT:  If you do not send your school’s information using the data sheet by October 18, 2023, we will assume that your school will not be taking part in the Diocesan League for the upcoming year. If you have questions about the above process, please contact either Chris Vallecorsa (412-782-2861), cvallecors@comcast.net) or Pat Greb (412-531-2579), patgreb@comcast.net)
2. Submit Your Team Rosters
The roster form is on the website at http://www.2badcats.com/dopgbball/forms.aspx. Complete the roster form and either email or snail mail it to Chris Vallecorsa for Varsity or Pat Greb for JV by November 1, 2023.
3. Submit your League Fees
The 2023-2024 League fees are listed below and must be submitted by November 1, 2023
JV - $75.00 for each JV team; make checks payable to: Pat Greb, 536 Old Farm Rd., Pittsburgh, PA 15234
Varsity - $75.00 for each Varsity team; make checks payable to: Chris Vallecorsa, 1149 Oglethorpe St., Pittsburgh, PA.15201
4. Review the League Rules
Please review the League Rules at: http://www.2badcats.com/dopgbball/rulesandconduct.aspx. Print these league rules and use them for reference before and during the season.
Please note Rule #8 "Officials and Fees" - Official’s fees for the 2023-2024 season will be as follows:
  1. Two games, two officials - $90.00 each official ($180.00 total for 2 games)
  2. One game, two officials - $45.00 each official ($90.00 total per game)
  3. Two games, one official - $135.00 for the two games
  4. One game, one official - $68.00 for the one game

IMPORTANT: If you will not be coaching this year, please pass this information to the new coach, your school’s athletic director, or your school’s principal. If you have any questions regarding any of the information above or on the website, please email or call either Chris Vallecorsa (412-782-2861, cvallecors@comcast.net) or Pat Greb (412-531-2579, patgreb@comcast.net).

The game schedule is temporarily disabled! When all the games are entered by the League Directors they will be available for viewing.

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CHAOS AAU Basketball 2024 Tryouts - Sunday, September 24, 2023 and Sunday, October 1, 2023; St. Anne Gym - 4040 Willow Ave., Pittsburgh PA 15234; $10.00 tryout fee; Venmo: @suzan-brady-1; Register at https://forms.gle/SPpmLwEnSyeZVo9q7; See the attached flyer for grades and times; Contact Sue Brady (bradys98@aol.com) with any questions - Flyer

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