What you need to do to register your teams for Girls Volleyball:
  1. Due by Thursday, August 5 - Online Team Data Sheet - required, used to submit information on the school, coaches, gym location, etc. for each team at a school.
  2. Due by Thursday, August 5 - Submit your School Home Play Dates - required, used to submit the dates and times a schools gym is available for home games (School Home Playdates form in Microsoft Excel format)
  3. Later - Submit your Player Eligibility Roster - required, used to submit the eligible players for a team (Player Eligibility Roster in Microsoft Word format). The due date for this will be announced later.
  4. League Fees - All registration fees are due by Friday, September 10, 2021. Any school not paying their team registration fee by the due date will be assessed a $10/per time period/per team late fee until it is paid. If the registration fee plus late fee is not paid before the end of the season that school will forfeit the right to participate in the playoffs.
2021 Season Important Dates

Sunday, August 1 First official practice date
Thursday, August 5 Basic team information due (all teams must be individually registered on www.2badcats.com including black-out dates and an email sent to pghdiocvb@yahoo.com containing the Schools Home Gym Availability Calendar
Saturday, August 14 Estimated date for 'draft' schedule release
Monday, August 16 Final schedule release
Monday, August 23 First possible play date
Friday, September 10 All rosters and team registration fees due
Saturday, October ?? Cross Country Finals - Evening Games Only
Wednesday, October 20 Final day of regular season
Friday, October 22 Tie-breaker Friday for JV and Varsity
Sunday, October 24 1st Round of playoffs for JV and Varsity
Monday, October 25 2nd Round of playoffs - Varsity only
Wednesday, October 27 2nd Round of playoffs JV only
Saturday, October 30 Varsity Finals (Site and time TBD)
Sunday, October 31 Junior Varsity Finals (Site and time TBD)
Match Cancellations

Any match that is cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled start time will be a forfeit for the team cancelling the match. The team that cancels is required to pay the full referee fee. The cancellation fee will be paid directly to the league (please make check payable to Diocesan Girls Volleyball League) who in turn will pay the scheduled official. If the cancellation fee is not paid before the end of the season, that team will forfeit the right to participate in the playoffs.
  • You cannot cancel a scheduled game based on sickness unless the entire school closes because of a widespread illness.
  • Rescheduled Matches – All scheduling changes must be made directly through the section coordinator in a timely fashion. Both head coaches must agree on a new date and time so all changes can be made on the master schedule and the official notified – the teams have to agree on a new date within one (1) week.

The game schedule is temporarily disabled! When all the games are entered by the League Directors they will be available for viewing.

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