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St. Margaret

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St. Margaret

310 Mansfield Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15220  (Google map)



Web Site:

Athletic Director:
Ed McCafferty, 412-906-1091 (w), emac1711@yahoo.com

Director Girls Basketball:
Mark Butcher, 412-952-2663 (h), 412-952-2663 (c), happydadnumber2@yahoo.com

Director Boys Basketball:
John Christopher Shovlin, 412-559-3395 (h), 412-559-3395 (c), 412-865-3814 (w), Pjshovlin@hotmail.com

Robert Munz, 412-661-0288 (w)

Varsity MustangsTeam Calendar

Section 2

Head Coach:
Ed McCafferty, 412-906-1091 (w), emac1711@yahoo.com

Assistant Coach:
Gina McCafferty, 412-401-2013 (c), Gnalola@gmail.com

Home Gym:
St. Margaret, Gym Phone: 412-928-9075
Address: 310 Mansfield Ave., Pittsburgh, PA, 15220  (Google map)

St. Margaret Varsity Mustangs match Schedule

Orange rows indicate unscheduled matchs, which have a date of '1900/01/01'. A start time of TBD (to be determined) means the start time is unknown - contact the home team for the correct start time. Gray rows indicate past matchs. Blue rows indicate today's matchs. White rows indicate future matchs. Hold your cursor over the 'Team' and 'Played At' names to highlight links.

DateDayStart TimeTeamsPlayed AtTypeScore (V-H)
2020/09/11Fri7:00 PMSt. Margaret Mustangs @ St. Elizabeth Blue LSt. ElizabethSectionW-2-0
2020/09/20Sun1:00 PMSt. Margaret Mustangs @ St. Gabriel WhiteNativitySectionW-2-0
2020/09/20Sun1:45 PMSt. Margaret Mustangs @ St. Gabriel GoldNativitySectionW-2-1
2020/09/25Fri7:45 PMSt. Margaret Mustangs @ St. Louise de Marillac WhiteSt. Louise de MarillacSectionW-2-0
2020/10/05Mon6:30 PMSt. Philip @ St. Margaret MustangsSt. MargaretSectionW-0-2
2020/10/06Tue6:30 PMSt. Kilian White @ St. Margaret MustangsSt. MargaretSectionW-0-2
2020/10/21Wed6:30 PMSacred Heart Black @ St. Margaret MustangsSt. MargaretSectionW-1-2
2020/10/21Wed7:15 PMArchangel Gabriel Blue @ St. Margaret MustangsSt. MargaretSectionW-0-2
2020/10/25Sun5:00 PMSt. Margaret Mustangs @ Ave Maria Academy BlueAve Maria AcademySectionL-0-2
2020/10/30Fri6:30 PMSt. Margaret Mustangs @ John F. Kennedy GreenJohn F. KennedySection
2020/10/30Fri7:15 PMSt. Margaret Mustangs @ John F. Kennedy GoldJohn F. KennedySection
2020/11/08Sun1:00 PMHoly Cross Academy WhiteHawks @ St. Margaret MustangsSt. MargaretSection
2020/11/08Sun1:45 PMSacred Heart White @ St. Margaret MustangsSt. MargaretSection
2020/11/11Wed7:00 PMDivine Mercy Academy @ St. Margaret MustangsSt. MargaretSection

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