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Holy Cross Academy

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Holy Cross Academy

307 Siebert Rd., Pittsburgh, PA 15237  (Google map)


Web Site:

Athletic Director:
Chuck Larson, 412-618-7766 (c), chucklarson7@gmail.com

Girls Basketball Director:
Sheila Duffy, 412-260-7662 (c), smburke11@yahoo.com

Boys Basketball Director:
Christian Wrabley, 412-498-3859 (c), cwrabley@gmail.com

Volleyball Director:
Maria Faller, 412-445-9900 (c), legobeaver@comcast.net

Covid-19 Information & Procedures
1.       Coaches, players, and spectators must always wear masks. If a student has a medical exemption please contact the coach ahead of the game so we can advise our principal. 

2.       Opposing teams can bring 1 spectator per person in addition to 2 coaches and players.   Opposing teams keeping book can do so on the bench or on our stage. We prefer if you send us your roster of players and coaches prior to the game.

3.       Please do not arrive more than 30 minutes before the start of the game.  If there is another game ongoing, teams will need to wait outside until the prior game is over.  A Holy Cross representative will take temperature of all persons that enter the gym and each person will need to answer the standard Covid questions.  Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher will not be able to enter. 

4.       All spectators must sit where designated by X on the bleachers to stay socially distant.  Visitor side is closest to the door.  No spectator food and drink allowed in the gym.

5.       Please exit through the back doors to the gym.   

6.       Teams say the pre-game prayer on separate halves of the court - no mingling.

7.       We will not have concessions available, but we have a water bottle refill station available.

8.       There will be a $3.00 admission charge for spectators. Exact change is appreciated.

9.       We will provide a Building Manager for each home game.  This person is responsible for crowd control; COVID-19 compliance (masks & social distancing); being part of the pre-game meeting between the coaches, players, & referees; resolving any conflicts/compliance issues.

10.     We will livestream the games on twitch - Hcahawks.

11.     All boys' volleyball team rosters should be sent in advance to Maria Faller (legobeaver@comcast.net) girls' basketball team rosters should be sent in advance to Sheila Duffy (smburke11@yahoo.com).  All boys' basketball team rosters should be sent in advance to Christian Wrabley (cwrabley@gmail.com).   
Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe & the kids playing!
Good Luck to All Teams!

Varsity Blue HawksTeam Calendar

Section 1

Head Coach:
Jay Rossi, 412-369-8642 (h), 412-680-9037 (c), jay.rossi@dcsg.com

Assistant Coach:
Maria Faller, 412-445-9900 (c), legobeaver@comcast.net

Home Gym:
St. Sebastian
Address: 307 Siebert Rd., Pittsburgh, PA 15237  (Google map)

Holy Cross Academy Varsity Blue Hawks match Schedule

Orange rows indicate unscheduled matchs, which have a date of '1900/01/01'. A start time of TBD (to be determined) means the start time is unknown - contact the home team for the correct start time. Gray rows indicate past matchs. Blue rows indicate today's matchs. White rows indicate future matchs. Hold your cursor over the 'Team' and 'Played At' names to highlight links.

DateDayStart TimeTeamsPlayed AtTypeScore (V-H)
2021/04/07Wed7:15 PMHoly Cross Academy Blue Hawks @ St. Louise de Marillac GreenSt. Louise de MarillacSectionL-0-2
2021/04/14Wed6:30 PMHoly Cross Academy Blue Hawks @ Blessed Francis Seelos Academy BlueSt. AlphonsusSectionL-0-2
2021/04/19Mon7:15 PMHoly Cross Academy Blue Hawks @ St. Louise de Marillac WhiteSt. Louise de MarillacSectionL-0-2
2021/04/23Fri7:00 PMSt. Kilian Green @ Holy Cross Academy Blue HawksSt. SebastianSectionL-2-0
2021/04/30Fri6:30 PMHoly Family @ Holy Cross Academy Blue HawksSt. SebastianSectionW-0-2
2021/04/30Fri7:15 PMSt. Gregory Wolves @ Holy Cross Academy Blue HawksSt. SebastianSectionW-1-2
2021/05/08Sat5:45 PMSt. Therese (Munhall) Tigers @ Holy Cross Academy Blue HawksSt. SebastianSectionL-2-1
2021/05/08Sat6:30 PMAve Maria Academy Royals @ Holy Cross Academy Blue HawksSt. SebastianSectionW-0-2
2021/05/13Thu6:30 PMHoly Cross Academy Blue Hawks @ St. Kilian WhiteSt. KilianSectionW-2-0
2021/05/14Fri6:30 PMHoly Cross Academy Blue Hawks @ Sacred Heart BlackSacred Heart Activities BuildingSectionW-2-0

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